Kosher Supervision - Sri Lanka

We offer full kosher experiences year round. Luxury vacations with no compromise on the gourmet dining for which our executive chefs are known.  We create custom kosher meals that meet the dietary requirements of each group. This typically includes working with local Chabad organizations that kosher the kitchens, provide the dining ware, cookware, and equipment and import all meats, dairy and other certified products not otherwise available locally. Based on the size and requirements of each group, we most often have a Mashgiach to supervise daily in the kitchen.

Our executive chefs work with our guests prior to arrival to create exquisite menus featuring the finest in Caribbean, Asian, fusion, and international cuisine - all based on your tastes and preferences. Our property has two villas and kitchens so we can provide both Meat and Dairy if the entire estate is rented. When only one villa is rented, we commonly focus on Fish/Dairy menus with meat meals in BBQ format.

We promise a kosher culinary experience like you’ve never had before!


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