Kosher Supervision

Our primary goal is for you to enjoy all of the amazing activities and experiences that our exciting locations have to offer without the hassle of worrying about kosher food. All kitchens featured on our website are koshered prior to your arrival under the strict supervision of the Rav Hamachshir of that location. Every kitchen will have two toveled and koshered sets of pots and utensils waiting for you. The outdoor grill will also be koshered for those delicious barbecues that your group will savor.

All non villa properties such as our safaris offer full Glatt kosher meals prepared by private chefs.

We provide top quality beef, poultry and cured meats, a full line of bakery products, cheeses and catering services.

All the food provided by Kosher Casas is Glatt Kosher, Bishul Yisroel, and Pas Yisroel under the strictest standards of uncompromised Kashrus.

So please don't worry about the food. We've got it covered! Betayavon, Buen Provecho and Geniet jou ete!