Kosher Supervision - Costa Rica

Our primary goal is for you to enjoy all of the amazing activities and experiences that Costa Rica has to offer without having to worry about buying or preparing food. All kitchens featured on our website are koshered prior to your arrival under the strict supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Costa Rica, Rabbi Itzhak Prober. Every kitchen will have two toveled and koshered sets of pots and utensils waiting for you on the kitchen counter. The outdoor grill will also be koshered for those delicious barbecues that your group will savor.

We provide menus and order forms of top quality beef, poultry and cured meats, a full line of bakery products and cheeses, and takeout and catering services. Some of this meat is so delectable that you will want to come back to Costa Rica just to have another opportunity to try it again. 

All the food provided by Kosher Casas is Glatt Kosher, Bishul Yisroel, and Pas Yisroel under the strictest standards of uncompromised Kashrus. All bakery products are Pareve. 

Rabbi Prober received his smicha in Israel and was a dayan in the Beit Din in Mexico.  

So please don't worry about the food. We've got it covered! Betayavon and Buen Appetito!

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