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Your days of packing pots and pans are over!
Kosher travel made simple!

When a person keeps strictly kosher, traveling and eating well do not always go hand in hand. Kosher travelers tend to vacation in well established areas where kosher food is readily available or else they have to carry the equivalent of a grocery store and a kitchen in their luggage. Since it is complicated to bring meat and chicken across a border, kosher travelers tend to frequent the same destinations over and over again.

Desperate for a unique luxury kosher vacation, we ventured to many exotic places. How is it possible to enjoy amazing experiences in spectacular locations such as Costa Rica, Africa, Thailand and Galapagos Islands and more while savoring outstanding kosher food? The answer is Kosher Casas.

Luxury Kosher vacations without the hassle. The era of schlepping pots and food is now over! We have personally chosen beautiful locations and villas that will entice you while providing the very best in kosher food. Each vacation villa has a full kitchen and BBQ that has been koshered, furnished with all kitchen utensils with your kosher food waiting for you. Our private chefs are available to prepare the most delectable meals. All non villa properties such as our safaris offer full Glatt kosher meals prepared by private chefs.

We have traveled extensively with our families and we know what it takes to ensure that your kosher vacation is easy and stress free. After successful careers in marketing and real estate, we have pooled our experience to make kosher travel luxurious and available.  

Experience the beautiful vistas, rainforests, safaris, beaches and more in your own kosher home away from home.

Eve Berman, Co-founder

Bryna Landes, Co-founder