Kosher Supervision Ecuador Galapagos

Our primary goal is for you to enjoy all of the amazing activities and experiences that The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador have to offer without the hassle of worrying about kosher food.

The supervision in the Galapagos/Equador is by Rabbi Nir Koren. 

Rabbi Nir Koren has served as the rabbi of Communidad de Judia del Ecuador, a congregation and community organization in Quito, known simply as “the Community.” The lawyer-turned rabbi speaks Spanish, English and Hebrew fluently. In his mid-thirties, Rabbi Koren, originally from Israel and married to Andrea, an Argentinian, has spent his rabbinic career strengthening small Spanish-speaking Jewish communities around the world. Before arriving in Ecuador, the rabbi and his wife led Orthodox communities in Colombia and Mexico.

Below please see an article about Rabbi Koren.

Meet the Shlichim: Andi and Nir Koren | Ohr Torah Stone (

So please don't worry about the food. We've got it covered! Betayavon, Buen Provecho and Geniet jou ete!

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