About Costa Rica

The English translation of Costa Rica is “Rich Coast” and once you visit, you will see why! Costa Rica is by far one of the most exotic places on earth. The country stands out for its amazing natural beauty and is one of the most bio diverse areas in the world. From its rainforests to its beaches, this country does not disappoint.

Costa Rica, located in Central America, has a total area of 19,730 sq. miles and is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Despite its size, it is an ecological treasure with a wide range of habitats ranging from volcanoes to rainforests to beaches. This diverse range of topography supports an abundant variety of wildlife, which is protected by the country’s national conservation system. Nearly a quarter of Costa Rica’s entire land mass is covered by a national park or private nature preserve. Costa Rica’s natural wonder, along with the plethora of adventures and activities for people of all ages, have made Costa Rica the top traveler destination it is today. You can enjoy the full Costa Rican experience in any of the three regions we have selected. So get ready for a great adventure!

Costa Ricans have a saying called pura vida which means “pure life.” This is the feeling one gets when visiting this tranquil country with its awe inspiring beauty. The commonly used meaning of the saying, however, is “this is living” or “going great” and it is often used as a greeting or farewell. So if you run into Costa Ricans or ticos as they are called, don’t forget to say "pura vida!" They will greatly appreciate it.

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